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 Formulary Chapter 26: A5 - Wound managment products and elasticated garments - Full Section

Refer to the Wound Management Formulary Microguide (see link below or from Novell box). Remember to switch to 'Hospital Guide' at the top.

N.B. Specialised products stocked in Pharmacy are listed below. All other dressings and bandages listed on the Microguide can be ordered from Main Stores.

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Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
A5.01 Basic wound contact dressings (0,0)
A5.01.01 Low adherence dressings (0,3)
A5.01.02 Absorbent dressings (0,0)
For lightly exuding wounds (0,5)
For moderately to heavily exuding wounds (0,4)
For heavily exuding wounds (0,0)
A5.02 Advanced wound dressings (0,0)
A5.02.01 Hydrogel dressings (1,0)
Hydrogel application (amorphous) (0,2)
Hydrogel sheet dressings (0,2)
A5.02.01.01 Sodium hyaluronate dressings (0,0)
A5.02.02 Vapour-permeable films and membranes (0,0)
Vapour-permeable Adhesive Film Dressing (Semi-permeable Adhesive Dressing) (0,3)
Vapour-permeable Adhesive Film Dressing with absorbent pad (0,5)
For intravenous and subcutaneous catheter sites (0,0)
A5.02.03 Soft polymer dressings (0,0)
Without absorbent pad (0,4)
With absorbent pad (0,7)
Bio-cellulose dressings (0,0)
A5.02.04 Hydrocolloid dressings (0,0)
Without adhesive border (0,4)
With adhesive border (0,1)
Hydrocolloid-fibrous dressings (0,4)
Polyurethane matrix dressing (0,0)
A5.02.05 Foam dressings (0,0)
For lightly exuding wounds (0,0)
For lightly to moderately exuding wounds (0,2)
For moderately to heavily exuding wounds (0,9)
A5.02.06 Alginate dressings (0,7)
A5.02.07 Capillary-action dressings (0,2)
A5.02.08 Odour absorbent dressings (0,1)
A5.03 Antimicrobial dressings (0,0)
A5.03.01 Honey (0,0)
Sheet dressing (3,3)
Honey-based topical application (0,1)
A5.03.02 Iodine (1,4)
A5.03.03 Silver (2,0)
Low adherence dressings (0,4)
With charcoal (0,1)
Soft polymer dressings (1,0)
Hydrocolloid dressings (0,1)
Foam dressings (0,0)
Alginate dressings (0,1)
A5.03.04 Other antimicrobials (2,5)
A5.04 Specialised dressings (1,2)
A5.04.01 Protease-modulating matrix dressings (2,0)
A5.04.02 Silicone keloid dressings (0,0)
Silicone sheets (0,1)
Silicone gel (0,1)
A5.05 Adjunct dressings and appliances (0,0)
A5.05.01 Gauze and tissue (0,0)
A5.05.01 Surgical absorbents (0,0)
Cotton (0,0)
Lint (0,0)
Pads (0,0)
A5.05.02 Wound drainage pouches (1,1)
A5.06 Complex adjunct therapies (0,0)
A5.06.01 Topical negative pressure therapy (0,0)
Vacuum assisted closure products (0,0)
Wound drainage collection devices (0,0)
Accessories (0,0)
A5.07 Wound care accessories (0,3)
A5.07.01 Dressing packs (0,3)
A5.07.02 Woven and fabric swabs (0,2)
A5.07.03 Surgical adhesive tapes (0,0)
Permeable adhesive tapes (0,3)
Occlusive adhesive tapes (0,1)
A5.07.04 Adhesive dressings (0,0)
Vapour permeable adhesive dressings (0,0)
A5.07.05 Skin closure dressings (0,0)
Skin closure strips, sterile (0,0)
A5.08 Bandages (0,0)
A5.08.01 Non-extensible bandages (0,0)
A5.08.02 Light-weight conforming bandages (0,1)
A5.08.03 Tubular bandages and garments (0,1)
Elasticated (0,2)
Non-elasticated (0,0)
Silk Clothing (0,2)
A5.08.04 Support bandages (0,3)
A5.08.05 Adhesive bandages (0,0)
A5.08.06 Cohesive bandages (0,0)
Cohesive extensible bandages (0,1)
A5.08.07 Compression bandages (0,0)
High compression bandage (0,0)
Short stretch compression bandage (0,1)
Sub-compression wadding bandage (0,3)
A5.08.08 Multi-layer compression bandaging (0,0)
Four layer systems (0,7)
Two layer systems (0,2)
A5.08.09 Medicated bandages (1,1)
Medicated stocking (0,1)
A5.09 Compression hosiery and garments (0,0)
A5.09.01 Graduated compression hosiery (0,0)
Accessories (0,0)
Suspender (0,0)
Anklets (0,0)
Knee caps (0,0)
A5.09.02 Lymphoedema garments (0,0)